Grading the Milwaukee Bucks' top 4 newest roster additions after Christmas

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Grading Andre Jackson Jr.'s performance so far

Second round draft pick and rookie phenom Andre Jackson Jr. has played in 25 of the team's 31 games. He's only averaging 10.2 minutes while shooting 53.2 percent and averaging a paltry 2.6 ppg.

He has instantly become a fan favorite and almost instantly provides a defensive spark off the bench that the Bucks so desperately need on a nightly basis. He instantly adds a high level of intensity on defense and has proven to serve as a great energy lifter type of player in terms of getting his teammates in the zone of an important game on both ends of the floor.

He is still raw offensively, so his overall offensive game is lacking. He is young and zealous on the defensive side of the ball for the most part, which sometimes leads to him committing fouls and getting into foul trouble. With the proper coaching and mentoring, these are areas that can change and improve, especially as he grows, develops, and matures in this league.

If he is able to learn and develop a solid offensive game and become a 10-15 point per game player, as well as cut down on the fouls, he could be a viable fifth starter every night for many years to come. Jackson Jr. is a pleasure to watch. His intangibles and energy that he brings every game are infectious. His overall grade is C+.

The trade acquisition, free agent signings and draft pick are a big reason for the Milwaukee Bucks' success so far during the 2023-24 season, as evidenced by the team's 23-8 record. Veterans Lillard, Beasley, and Payne are in win-now mode and will hopefully help bring a second championship to Milwaukee in the past few years. Jackson Jr. has a very bright future and should be part of the team's success for many years to come.