Grading a mock trade that gives the Milwaukee Bucks a top target and NBA champion

Milwaukee Bucks v Indiana Pacers
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The Toronto Raptors’ perspective on this mock trade with the
Milwaukee Bucks

The Raptors would consider this trade due to the value Portis has and has shown during his NBA career. They could look to flip Portis again, similar to what they may do with Brown if there are contenders willing to make moves in order to add role players. If so, this could be in consideration for Toronto.

Having moved Siakam recently and looking towards the future, this makes Brown most likely available. If he isn't in their plans for the future, then they would likely look to cash in now while his value is high instead of letting him go in the offseason or having to activate his club option and pay $23 million as they look to move him.

As previously mentioned, the Raptors have reportedly set an asking price of a first-round pick for Brown, so if other teams can offer that and players, it may rule the Bucks out. Connaughton would be a good veteran presence and Portis is a very good NBA player, just whether Toronto would consider them as assets moving forward or would look to flip them to add more in the way of draft capital and younger players.

It really does come down to what offers the Raptors get and if they are indeed asking for a first. If that is the case, they would likely hang up the phone with the Bucks and look elsewhere. If other contenders are willing to pay more, then this will be tough for the Bucks to get over the line, but I think the Raptors would consider this and maybe look to demand more from Milwaukee.