Grading a mock trade that would give the Milwaukee Bucks much-needed wing defense

Portland Trail Blazers v Milwaukee Bucks
Portland Trail Blazers v Milwaukee Bucks / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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The Portland Trail Blazers’ perspective on this mock trade with the
Milwaukee Bucks

I believe this trade would definitely be considered by the Blazers; with a couple of years left on his deal and the value he can bring to a contending team, then there is every chance Thybulle is moved on. The defensive skillset he provides could bring stronger value from other teams around the league with more draft capital, but the Bucks' pieces aren't too bad.

Connaughton spent the first three years of his NBA career in Portland and became a fan favorite during his time there. The experience not only of the NBA but also of the franchise could be of use to the Blazers as they look to build around their young players.

Beauchamp has shown glimpses of what he can offer and the level he can play at, and Portland may see value in that and, with more game time, may become a solid rotational piece for them. He has had his first-year club option exercised and still has another club option for 2025-26, so the Blazers would have control over his contract and do as they see fit. The second round pick has now become more valuable in recent years with the rise of Nikola Jokic to MVP level and other players from later on in drafts becoming regulars throughout the association.

The questions for the Blazers are how much they value Thybulle as a piece moving forward as a team or as a trade asset and whether the Bucks trade meets that. If they feel a contender is desperate for his services, there may be an opportunity for them to receive a little bit more in a deal, but the Bucks offering up a promising young player could be a reason for Portland to accept.