Grading a mock trade that would give the Milwaukee Bucks much-needed wing defense

Portland Trail Blazers v Milwaukee Bucks
Portland Trail Blazers v Milwaukee Bucks / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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Overall grade on this mock trade

I like this deal from the Bucks' perspective. You get back a much-needed reinforcement at the wing position that can take on lead defensive assignments and can also hit the deep shot consistently, which becomes a huge asset in the playoffs, as we saw with P.J. Tucker back in 2021.

Thybulle would be a great addition to the roster, and it would allow Malik Beasley to move to the bench, or Thybulle could become one of the first names off the bench to become the point-of-attack defender. The return of Crowder means it makes more sense to go for a smaller wing/guard defender like Thybulle to then partner together as a defensive duo.

For the Blazers, it is not a bad trade either. They get back a familiar face to help provide some experience to their roster and fills the statsheet similar to Thybulle. Beauchamp is the real value here, and whether they see him as part of their roster moving forward or not would be the big call as to whether this trade would happen.

A defensive lineup that had Brook Lopez, Giannis, Crowder, and Thybulle would surely help answer some of the Bucks' problems. It would allow Lillard and Giannis to dominate the offensive game and have three solid perimeter shooters to kick out to whilst also not having to lead on defense.

Overall, this trade is one I really do like, and for what would be given up, I think the Bucks should consider making a move like this.

BTBP Grade: A-