Grading Taurean Prince's compelling deal with the Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks bulk up their roster with an experienced wing.
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Taurean Prince’s long-term outlook with the Milwaukee Bucks

Again, similar to the Wright deal, this is likely a standard veteran's minimum deal. That means it is a one-year deal for them to come in and prove they still belong in the league while bringing their experience and skills to assist the Milwaukee Bucks in their attempt to win another ring.

If the move works out, the two parties could look to work out a deal for the future, or Prince may have other teams looking to pay him more. He has played for five teams across his nine years in the league and has all the tools to assist a contending team.

The Bucks' front office has done a good job so far of getting the average age of the roster down while still adding win-now impact pieces to the team. Prince is younger than previous additions to the roster and brings a level of athleticism and versatility that older players haven't been able to help the Milwaukee Bucks with.

This move is all about the present, and Prince helps tackle some of the issues the roster faces. On a cheap deal, he is as good as you can get for the wing position.

As a pairing, the Bucks and Prince work well, and it is a win-win for both parties. Should the move go well, Prince could stay on for the future or earn a better deal elsewhere. If not, he'll enter free agency again next year.