How the Bucks' common goal has helped squash beef between Milwaukee's point guards

Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers
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Long before they were teammates on the Milwaukee Bucks, Patrick Beverley and Damian Lillard were well-acquainted with one another, but it was not in a positive manner.

From beefing in the NBA Bubble back in 2020 to exchanging words at the foul line just last season, it's clear that these two players have never been too fond of each other. That made it a tad awkward when the Bucks traded for Beverley at the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline, bringing the two together after years of on and off the court issues.

How the Bucks' common goal has helped squash beef between Milwaukee's point guards

On a recent episode of the "Pat Bev Pod," Beverley recalls Lillard saying the two needed to talk after running into each other at Bobby Portis' birthday party. Beverley suggested that the two go out and get dinner instead. The guard highlighted now that they're teammates, it's possible for Lillard to see Beverley in a different light than he has previously.

On the pod, Beverley talked about encouraging Lillard to keep letting it fly when he has the ball in his hands on offense, especially when Milwaukee's offense goes stagnant. There have been times when it feels like Lillard has been too passive this season, so perhaps Beverley's words can help him kick it into another gear down the stretch.

Since coming aboard, Beverley has provided a much-needed voice on and off the floor, doing his part to try and get the best out of his teammates. After a sluggish start to the season, Milwaukee needed a player who could bring that type of leadership and intensity on a nightly basis to get the best out of others. Thus far, Beverley has been a smooth fit.

Above all else, the goal is to win a championship, and these two vets can eradicate their differences in their quest to help this organization reach that goal. Whatever happened in the past between them is water under the bridge, and it seems like the two do indeed have a newfound respect for one another since becoming teammates.

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