New intel may throw a wet blanket on Dejounte Murray trade hopes for Bucks fans

Atlanta Hawks v Milwaukee Bucks
Atlanta Hawks v Milwaukee Bucks / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Without a doubt, the most high-profile target connected to the Milwaukee Bucks in the rumor mill ahead of the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline has been Dejounte Murray.

The interest first surfaced when Bleacher Report and TNT insider Chris Haynes reported that there was indeed interest in the guard on Milwaukee's end. In the weeks since that rumor surfaced, fans have thought about the potential fit and what it would take to get the star guard.

A new report suggests they may want to pump the breaks as Milwaukee's interest may not be as intense as many fans hoped it might be.

New intel may throw a wet blanket on Dejounte Murray trade hopes for Bucks fans

According to The Athletic's Eric Nehm (subscription required), the Bucks do indeed have an interest in acquiring the guard, but the initial call between Milwaukee and the Atlanta Hawks was nothing more than exploratory talks done by the latter to see which teams across the league may be interested.

No framework of a possible deal for Murray was discussed in that phone call, per Nehm.

It's like if someone asked if you'd like a Lamborghini. Of course, you'd like it, but that doesn't mean you have the assets, in this case, players and draft picks, to actually get it. Essentially, Atlanta was simply testing the waters to see which teams might want him, and Milwaukee bit. It doesn't mean he's atop their trade big board like many had hoped.

This news throws a wet blanket on the hope of the Bucks landing Murray to some degree, but that does not mean Milwaukee is out of the running entirely just yet. General Manager Jon Horst, who is aggressive as ever in wanting to upgrade the roster, could very well keep trying to get the guard.

It's unclear exactly where things stand between Atlanta and Milwaukee right now and whether talks went beyond that initial call.

Landing Murray was always viewed as a longshot, as he is the biggest name left on the market in the eyes of many. It's clear that Murray is not Milwaukee's only play leading up to the NBA Trade Deadline, as they've been linked to a handful of other fascinating players who could help this team out.

It seems inevitable that the team will make a move before February 8, but the biggest question is who exactly they will pursue the hardest. It's shaping up to be a roller coaster ride over the next few days.

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