Most interesting 2024 NBA Draft prospects linked to the Milwaukee Bucks by position

The Bucks will have options with their picks.
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The 2024 NBA Draft is rapidly approaching, and the Milwaukee Bucks will have the opportunity to add two young contributors to this roster.

If the Bucks opt to keep their draft picks - 23 and 33 - they could potentially find a hidden gem or two late in the first and early in the second. HoopsHype has established a workout tracker to manage the ever-growing list of prospects every team has checked out ahead of the draft, and the players the Bucks have worked out are certainly interesting.

That said, let us pick out the most eye-catching prospects by their position.

Point guard - Jared McCain, Duke

McCain is a combo guard, capable of playing both the point and shooting guard positions, but for the sake of this list, he'll occupy the floor general spot. What makes McCain interesting right off the bat is that he's by far the highest-rated prospect the Milwaukee Bucks have looked at so far, coming in at 14th on HoopsHype's workout tracker. The next highest is 31, who is the next player on this list.

The guard's most desirable attribute is undoubtedly his outside shot, drawing comparisons to strong shooters like Seth Curry. During his lone season at Duke, McCain shot 41.4 percent from deep on 5.8 attempts per contest. Sweet shooting like that would make him a seamless fit in Milwaukee, and he'd be on the receiving end of wide-open looks courtesy of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard.

Although he's not a pure floor general, McCain is also capable of handling the ball and making plays for others offensively. With Patrick Beverley's future in Milwaukee uncertain, the Bucks could use a young guard capable of taking the reigns as a secondary ball-handler, and McCain would be a quality option for the team to ponder.

Speaking of Beverley, McCain can also play some quality defense. At 6-foot-3, he's not the biggest guard, but he can hold his own when matched up against others at the position. He wouldn't come into the league as the resolution to Milwaukee's issue defensively, as he still has room to grow on that side of the ball, but he could certainly help the cause.

The odds of McCain being on the board when the Milwaukee Bucks are making their pick are slim, as he's been mocked to go in the teens in most drafts. It would be shocking if Milwaukee traded up, but crazier things have happened.