Most interesting 2024 NBA Draft prospects linked to the Milwaukee Bucks by position

The Bucks will have options with their picks.
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Center - Oso Ighodaro, Marquette

With Brook Lopez having just turned 36, the Milwaukee Bucks may need to start analyzing options as to who could become their next long-term center. Some will point to Bobby Portis, but he is more of a power forward masquerading as a center at times, and with him being mentioned in trade rumors, his time in Milwaukee may come to an end at any point.

If they are looking for a big, perhaps they could keep an eye on Marquette's Oso Ighodaro. To be fair, Ighodaro falls into this spot by default because he is the only listed center they have worked out thus far on HoopsHype's tracker. Still, that's not a knock, as there is plenty to like when discussing the big man who already has those Wisconsin ties.

Ighodaro was listed among the standout players at the 2024 NBA Combine, flexing his versatility and willingness to do all of the little things. He's a versatile defender for a big man, capable of playing in a switching scheme and taking on players of all shapes and sizes. That's an area where Portis and Lopez have struggled, so he could certainly help.

The prominent concern with Ighoraro is his height, as he is a tad undersized to be playing center at the NBA level, standing around 6-foot-9. He's also not much of an outside threat, having attempted a mere two triples during his four-year stay in college. For a team that has surrounded their superstar with perimeter threats like Lopez and Portis, Ighodaro could have a tough time filling that role.

He wouldn't be a seamless fit, but Ighodaro does possess potential at the NBA level.

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