3 Interesting post-All-Star stats that stand out about the Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks v Chicago Bulls
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Stat 3 - The Bucks are second in +/- post-All-Star

With the strong defense holding opponents to less than 100 points, Milwaukee has seen a real jump in the +/- category post-All-Star. Of course, winning all five games does inflate this statistic, but Milwaukee's +/- is at +18.4, which is second to the Boston Celtics, who sit at +25.8 per game.

The Celtics' huge 52-point win over the Warriors does impact that massively, with the other four wins of theirs coming to a +/- of +19.25, so the Bucks are showing that they can keep pace in some regards.

As mentioned, we have seen a slight drop in the points scored by the Bucks, but they are still scoring at a decent rate and at a good efficiency. One problem the Bucks had during Griffin's reign was that when they beat lower-ranked teams, they were making hard work of it. Milwaukee was winning games but scraping by the likes of the Spurs and Pistons. Now, they are making sure they continue to get their points, but the increase in defense has been massive in holding teams to less than 100 points.

It has mostly been defensive stats that have seen their increase post-All-Star break. Even without looking at the stats, it is obvious where the Bucks have improved before heading into a really tough run of games that can be season defining not only in how they are viewed but what seed they hold heading into the postseason.

Stay tuned for more Bucks analysis in the final months of the regular season.