3 Jae Crowder replacements the Bucks should pursue in free agency

Crowder's days in Milwaukee are likely done.
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Lamar Stevens

Sticking with that last point about the Milwaukee Bucks needing to find a hidden gem on a low-cost contract in free agency, Lamar Stevens also fits that description.

Stevens had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-esque 2023-24 season, scarcely playing for the Boston Celtics to start the year before playing a massive role for the Memphis Grizzlies to end it. In Memphis, he put up career bests across the board, scoring, rebounding and playmaking while playing stellar defense on a nightly basis.

That last point is what makes Stevens a compelling option for Milwaukee. At 6-foot-6, 230 pounds, Stevens possesses a build that allows him to take on bigger wings. Essentially, he could do what the Bucks hoped Crowder could do when they traded for him, giving them a sturdy wing who can be of use when crafting endless lineup combinations.

The one big concern with Stevens is his lack of an outside shot. For his career, he's shot 28.6 percent from deep. It's always been the weakest aspect of his game, which could make him a problematic fit in Milwaukee due to the team's need to surround Giannis Antetokounmpo with shooting. Still, that's no reason to abandon the pursuit, as he could help this team in many other areas.

Despite his strong showing with Memphis, Stevens likely has not priced himself out of Milwaukee's range in free agency. At 26, he could be of assistance regarding the team's need for youth, all the more reason he should be on their radar. If he's willing to take a team-friendly deal, Stevens could slide into Jae Crowder's role well.