Keep or Shop: What the Bucks must do with every player under contract for next season

Portland Trail Blazers v Milwaukee Bucks
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Bobby Portis - Shop

Bobby Portis was featured heavily in trade rumors this past season, and it legitimately felt like he was going to get dealt. However, they ultimately hung onto him. Now, he'll likely be dangled on the market this off-season, as he's one of the more valuable assets the Milwaukee Bucks have, and his salary of $12.6 million is very tradeable and could be desirable for opposing teams.

Outside of when he's getting ejected from pivotal playoff games, Portis is not among Milwaukee's biggest problems. He actually finished top three in the Sixth Man of the Year running this season. However, if the Bucks want to make a splash, something has to give, which could mean Portis finds himself on another team next season.

Pat Connaughton - Shop

Pat Connaughton seems like the likeliest Milwaukee Buck to be relocated this off-season. Like Portis, he has a very tradeable contract at $9.4 million next season. The Bucks could take back a nice piece in return with that salary and perhaps some draft capital attached. While he's been good in spurts, it was clear this season that Connaughton lost a step, which could impact his future with the team.

One player who should factor into the decision to test Connaughton's market is A.J. Green, who took on a bigger role under Doc Rivers and oftentimes shined. Many would argue that they were more impressed with the sophomore guard's play than they were with Connaughton's production, and at a fraction of the cost, the Bucks may be better off moving Connaughton and using Green in his place.