Keep or Shop: What the Bucks must do with every player under contract for next season

Portland Trail Blazers v Milwaukee Bucks
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MarJon Beauchamp - Shop but aim to keep

Many expected MarJon Beauchamp to take a sophomore leap with the Bucks, but instead, he took a major step back and scarcely played. In his exit interview, Doc Rivers said a prominent reason why the youngster didn't play much was because he was oftentimes injured, meaning the coach rarely saw him practice. That makes sense, but when healthy, there is still potential with the 23-year-old.

If opposing teams are looking for young talent, Beauchamp could be a useful asset in any trade. He doesn't have the largest salary, so he doesn't fit the mold of Connaughton or Portis, but with a lack of draft picks, he may be a valuable fill-in. It certainly wouldn't hurt to keep and develop him either, so the Bucks should not flat-out aim to get rid of him.

If a great deal comes around, go for it. If not, keep him and look to mold him into the young, athletic wing defender that this team desperately needs.

A.J. Green - Don't make untouchable but aim to keep

Rather than Beauchamp, A.J. Green was the sophomore who took a big step forward this past season. The undrafted wing showed from time to time that he needed consistent minutes, primarily due to his excellent outside shooting but also with his hustle and eye-catching defense. The Bucks may have an undrafted steal on their hands, and it would make sense for them to keep him and develop him.

Moving Green wouldn't make much sense, as he's on the books for $2 million next season. Unless the Bucks are $2 million short of landing a superstar, they should keep Green. With the Bucks more than likely to lose Malik Beasley and Pat Connaughton potentially on his way out, Green could be a much cheaper alternative who may thrive in extended minutes. He's worth keeping around.