Keep or Shop: What the Bucks must do with every player under contract for next season

Portland Trail Blazers v Milwaukee Bucks
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Andre Jackson Jr. - Keep unless it's a game-changer

Of all of Milwaukee's young players, none have much potential than Andre Jackson Jr. The rookie put up his share of flashy performances when given the rare opportunity by providing hustle, playmaking, defense and rebounding. Essentially, he provided all of the things the Bucks lacked down the stretch, which made it puzzling why he didn't play more.

Unless a proven star is within reach, the Milwaukee Bucks should keep Jackson. He's got everything the Bucks need, particularly in the athleticism department, and he's on a team-friendly deal. Trading him would be a head-scratcher. With an off-season to work on his game, Jackson could be ready for a full-time role from the jump in 2024-25.

Chris Livingston - Shop but aim to keep

The Milwaukee Bucks clearly liked what they saw in Chris Livingston when they made him the richest final pick of a draft ever in 2023. However, the 20-year-old forward only averaged 4.3 minutes across 21 appearances, having rarely seen the floor, which was largely expected. It will be fascinating to see what direction the Bucks may go in with him this off-season.

It would make some sense to keep him, as he's another young, lengthy wing on a cheap contract who could potentially help this team. Livingston shouldn't be untouchable, but unless a team really wants to get their hands on him in exchange for a star, Milwaukee shouldn't have much incentive to move him. Like all of the team's youngsters, it wouldn't hurt getting a closer look at them next season.

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