3 Malik Beasley replacements the Milwaukee Bucks could target in free agency

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1. Lonnie Walker IV

One of the first names that comes to mind when looking for a reliable shooting guard in this free agency is Lonnie Walker IV. He was with the Brooklyn Nets this season and in 17 minutes per game he averaged 9.7 points on splits of .423/.384/.763 which aren't too dissimilar to that of Beasley and Walker didn't start a single game with the Nets.

Defensively, Walker had a slightly better defensive rating of 116.8 to Beasley's 118.3. Career wise their defensive ratings are almost identical at 115.7, but Beasley's have shot up to averaging 117.3 in the last four seasons as his minutes have dramatically increased to nearly 30 mins per game.

Walker is still just 25 and so there is some room to grow and being given an opportunity in Milwaukee would allow him to prove himself with a contending team. His athleticism is something that the Bucks also lacked this season and the ageing roster found themselves struggling to contain younger, more energetic teams and adding Walker would allow them to at least close the gap.

If Beverley does return to the Bucks and continues to start then Walker would be a reliable piece off the bench. Milwaukee struggled scoring from the bench apart from Bobby Portis and having that extra offensive option can open up the rotations and dynamic of the team. Walker signed a one-year deal with the Nets for just $2.35M and so the Bucks could snag him as a similar price and really add to their roster.

Overall, Walker would be a great pickup for the Bucks and he would certainly contribute in the starting lineup or from the bench.