3 Malik Beasley replacements the Milwaukee Bucks could target in free agency

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2. Josh Okogie

A player that may not be quite the shooter that Beasley is but is certainly a better defender is Josh Okogie. The 26 year old was a part of the Phoenix Suns roster this season and following their sweep at the hands of the Minnesota Timberwolves, he may be available this free agency.

It is important to note that Okogie does have a player option worth $2.9M, but he may look elsewhere following the way the Suns season finished. The shooting guard averaged 4.6 points on splits of .417/.309/.745. Of course this offensive production doesn't match Beasley's but it is important to remember the dynamic of the Suns team with Kevin Durant, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal that everyone else saw very limited shot attempts.

Okogie played just 16 minutes per game and started 11 times in Phoenix. Should the Bucks offer him a bigger role and potentially see him starting, that may be enough to sway him from that player option. Defensively, he would be a big upgrade as his defensive rating was 114.3 this season and is 113.3 across his career.

His hustle and defensive fight would be brilliant in the Bucks backcourt and would allow Damian Lillard to be off the better offensive guards and focus more on his offensive game. Similar to Walker, Okogie could also be a valuable asset off the bench and his athleticism is better than the older players that were coming off the bench in Milwaukee this season.

Okogie may be tough to pry away from the Suns without the financial incentive, but he should definitely be on the Bucks radar this free agency.