3 Milwaukee Bucks who definitely will not be back next season

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Danilo Gallinari

Needing some size, the Milwaukee Bucks picked up Danilo Gallinari on a rest of the season contract after the NBA Trade Deadline. It was viewed as a fine move by most at the time, given that he was just going to be an insurance policy. Injuries have thrust him into the lineup quite a bit more than people may have expected, but his role was not been overly prominent.

As highlighted in Crowder's section, the Bucks should be focused on bringing in more youth when the off-season begins, so letting 35-year-old Gallinari go would make sense. Coming off an ACL tear that sidelined him for the entire 2022-23 season and being a 13-year veteran, nobody expected Gallinari to light it up this season, but he put together his least productive year to date.

The Milwaukee Bucks must find youth, athleticism, defense and players who can keep up with pace in the off-season; Gallinari checks off none of those boxes. Long story short, it would be quite shocking to see Gallinari back with the Bucks next season after a rather quiet tenure with the team over these past few months.

It will be interesting to see where Gallinari ends up by the end of the summer.