3 Milwaukee Bucks who definitely will not be back next season

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Malik Beasley

From the beginning, it was widely expected that Malik Beasley would be a one-year rental. He inked a one-year deal worth the veteran's minimum to prove himself and have a shot to earn a bigger deal in the 2025 off-season, something the Milwaukee Bucks likely would not be able to offer him.

From the start, Beasley's role was not exactly what he signed up for. He came on when Jrue Holiday was still the point guard; something that likely lured Beasley was the idea of playing next to a strong defensive guard who could take on the tough matchups. Instead, Beasley got stuck with those hard matchups from the jump, which was a big change in his career.

Still, despite the added responsibility of facing off with top stars, Beasley produced on offense by posting averages of 11.3 points while shooting 41.3 percent from 3-point range. He broke former Bucks guard Ray Allen's record for most games with five or more 3-point makes in a season, so he was clearly doing something right as a Buck.

Someone with cap space will offer Malik Beasley a nice deal. It will not break the bank, but it will be more than what the Bucks could and should offer him. Given the team's current needs, it wouldn't make sense for them to chase after the shooting guard unless he's willing to take another veteran minimum deal, which he almost certainly will not.

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