Why Milwaukee Bucks fans are overreacting to Doc Rivers' playoff history

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Bucks fans are overreacting to Doc Rivers' playoff record: 2016

In 2016, Doc Rivers and his Los Angeles Clippers were in a four seed vs. five seed matchup with Damian Lillard's Portland Trail Blazers. The Clippers jumped out to a 2-0 lead, which as the home team, you should be expected to do. However, the Clippers were then gentleman swept out of the playoffs in four straight losses in which their offense, much like 2015, vanished.

In the first two games the Clippers scored 115 points and 102 points while the Blazers scored 95 and 81. After that the Clippers could muster just 93.3 points per game. The Blazers got nearly half of that total from just now Milwaukee Bucks point guard Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.

So, similarly to 2015, call this a Doc Rivers blown playoff lead if you must, but this is the second straight year the Clippers' offense started strong in a series and then vanished.

Bucks fans are overreacting to Doc Rivers' playoff record: 2017

This is one of the series where you can say that Doc Rivers had the best player, Chris Paul, but the Utah Jazz were just too much. The Los Angeles Clippers as the four seed, led the Utah Jazz, the five seed, 2-1 in a series that went to a Game 7. Less of a blown lead and more of a back and forth series but what this series came down to was less about coaching and more about firepower.

Gordon Hayward had some crazy games in this series for the Jazz. Hayward averaged about 24 points and seven rebounds per game and shot 44.7 percent from the 3-point line!

In Game 7, the Jazz got some help from a somewhat unexpected source. Derrick Favors dropped 17 points and 11 rebounds while shooting 8-of-11 from the field. The Jazz went on to win 104-91.

Both the Trail Blazers in 2016 and Jazz in 2017 would go on to lose to the Golden State Warriors in five games or less.