3 Milwaukee Bucks fighting for a bigger role after Malik Beasley's departure

This will be a crucial summer for these wings.
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MarJon Beauchamp

Speaking of possible breakout seasons, some fans thought that MarJon Beauchamp was due for a coming-out party in 2023-24. That didn't quite happen, as he played in fewer games and saw fewer minutes than he did in his rookie season. Now, the soon-to-be third-year player will enter a potential make-or-break season with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Beauchamp has all of the tools to help the Milwaukee Bucks. He's an uber-athletic 6-foot-6 wing who can jump out of the gym for dunks or rebounds while hounding wings with his lengthy frame. It was a small sample size, but he also showed off an improved jumper last season, especially from downtown. He could be the switchable, versatile 3-and-D wing this team has needed for years now.

As a potential Beasley replacement, Beauchamp isn't a seamless transition, as their games are far from similar. However, with the Bucks clearly understanding that they need more youth, defense and athleticism this off-season, as showcased with their draft picks and other moves, there is a chance they aim to utilize Beauchamp more, as he checks off those boxes.

If Beauchamp can hone in on his skills and stay healthy, he could undeniably see a bump in minutes during his third season. As a former first-round pick, the team clearly has faith in him. This will likely be the season where the front office finds out whether or not they were right in taking Beauchamp with a prized first-rounder in 2022. On paper, he has what it takes to prove them right.