3 Milwaukee Bucks fighting for a bigger role after Malik Beasley's departure

This will be a crucial summer for these wings.
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Andre Jackson Jr.

Andre Jackson Jr.'s rookie season was simply frustrating. The second-round pick showed undeniable glimpses of potential whenever he played but never got his name called off the bench consistently. Now, as they look to fill Beasley's shoes, the team may realize his true potential, and he could be due for a bigger role in year two as a member of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Like Beauchamp, Andre Jackson Jr. has a lot of things that could make life for the Bucks easier, like his electric athleticism, height, length, defensive intensity and motor. When he did play, he was a bit of a Swiss Army Knife for Milwaukee this past season, showing that he could make an impact by doing a dose of everything. The Bucks need more of that, especially on the defensive end.

Jackson won't bring the marksmanship like Beasley - though he shot a very respectable 37 percent on his triples as a rookie- but he can do so much more all-around on the basketball court. If the Bucks truly want to embrace a youth-driven movement to utilize a more versatile style of basketball, getting Andre Jackson Jr. more involved in their plans will be essential.

He's the likeliest member of the Milwaukee Bucks to have a breakout year in 2024-25.

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