6 Former Milwaukee Bucks the team can re-sign this summer

The Bucks may bring these players back.
Milwaukee Bucks, Doc Rivers
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The Milwaukee Bucks will make changes this summer after two consecutive disappointing first-round playoff exits. They never got a fair shot in 2024 after Giannis Antetokounmpo was injured. The Bucks have top-end talent and are searching for depth. Spending restrictions will make it difficult to improve their roster, but Milwaukee must keep the Greek Freak happy.

The Bucks have to fill out their roster and being a title contender is their only chance at being a free-agent destination. It could force Milwaukee to take a hard look at some former Bucks to round out their roster. Bringing back these players on minimum contracts won’t be easy, but the front office must convince them.

The Bucks have several free agents from last season that will be of interest. Malik Beasley is expected to sign for more money elsewhere, but Jae Crowder, Patrick Beverley, and Danilo Gallinari may return to chase a ring. They may not be the only players putting back on a Bucks’ uniform.

6. Wesley Matthews

Matthews is nearing the end of his career and still searching for his first championship. The 15-year NBA veteran spent three of the last five seasons with the Bucks. He arrived in 2019 and was a starter on the wing through the bubble. Matthews left to join the defending champion Lakers only to watch Milwaukee win the championship in 2021. He returned the following season, but his minutes and production continued to slip.

The 37-year-old barely played for the Hawks last season and would just be an end-of-the-bench option at this stage. His veteran presence and leadership could help, but Milwaukee has an experienced team. It may be time for Matthews to call it a career. He still wants that elusive ring and would have to find a contender willing to sign him for the veteran minimum this summer.

The injury to Thanasis Antetokounmpo may open up a spot in the Cream City. Wesley Matthews’ experience is an edge in landing that final roster spot, but the Bucks should try to find someone who can provide more on-court help.