6 Former Milwaukee Bucks the team can re-sign this summer

The Bucks may bring these players back.
Milwaukee Bucks, Doc Rivers
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3. Torrey Craig

The Bucks signed Craig to a one-year minimum deal in 2020, but he lasted just four months with the franchise before being traded to Phoenix for cash. The 6’7 wing appeared in just 18 games and averaged the worst numbers of his career. Mike Budenholzer was playing Thanasis Antetokounmpo over him for stretches. Craig dealt with injuries, but his short stay in the Cream City was forgettable.

The Suns and Bucks faced off in the 2021 NBA Finals with Craig appearing in every game. He has been in the rotation for three different franchises since leaving Milwaukee, but the 33-year-old is still searching for his first championship. Craig did not accept his ring from the Bucks after losing to them in the finals.

Does he decide to chase a championship in free agency this summer? The Milwaukee Bucks have Giannis Antetokounmpo, Damian Lillard, Khris Middleton, and Brook Lopez leading their charge. If healthy, they will be a feared team and desperately need wing help to round out their roster.

The Bucks have a new head coach and a different makeup since Craig’s first stint. Things could be change significantly this time, but only if the 33-year-old is willing to accept a reserve role and a minimum contract. Torrey Craig may decide ring chasing is his goal, and there is no better opportunity than Milwaukee.