6 Former Milwaukee Bucks the team can re-sign this summer

The Bucks may bring these players back.
Milwaukee Bucks, Doc Rivers
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1. Tobias Harris

The Bucks acquired Harris in a 2011 draft night trade and the 6’8 forward began his career in Milwaukee. He lasted just one and a half seasons before being dealt to Orlando for J.J. Redick. Harris blossomed with the Magic and has been a starter ever since. The 31-year-old is coming off a massive $180 million contract but heads into free agency after struggling in the playoffs.

The Bucks have zero chance of re-signing him. There is no way Tobias Harris takes a minimum contract. He is still in his prime and will command a hefty salary. Harris will have to take a pay cut but do not be surprised to see him earn $20-plus million per year. Remember it only takes one organization with interest, and Harris is one of the best players expected to change teams in free agency this summer.

The 6’8 forward is already being linked to the Pistons. It will be fascinating to see how his market plays out. The former Buck hopes for a massive payday, but did his playoff performance dampen his value? Only time will tell.

The Milwaukee Bucks could re-sign multiple players in free agency. Giannis Antetokounmpo wants continuity (subscription required) this summer. Bringing back their current and former players gives them a shot at making a run. Stay tuned to see what Jon Horst and the front office can do this offseason. If the Bucks disappoint again, Antetokounmpo may apply pressure on the organization that no fan wants to see, so consider it another crucial summer.