5 Free agents the Milwaukee Bucks should avoid at all costs

The Bucks must upgrade their roster in free agency and avoid these players.
Milwaukee Bucks, Gordon Hayward
Milwaukee Bucks, Gordon Hayward / Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Wesley Matthews

Matthews spent three of the last five seasons with the Bucks. He joined in 2019 but left after one season to play for the defending champion Lakers. Milwaukee won the championship in 2021, and Matthews returned in the offseason. He spent two straight seasons with the Bucks before playing with the Hawks in 2024.

The 6’5 wing is desperately searching for his first championship. Matthews turns 38 in October and is quickly declining. He averaged just 3.1 points and 1.5 rebounds in 11.5 minutes per game over just 36 contests last season. The veteran is an end-of-the-bench option at this stage. He provides more as a leader and locker room presence than he can on the court.

The Bucks need rotation pieces. Malik Beasley likely departs in free agency, and Milwaukee only has six trusted options on their roster right now. They cannot afford to sign players that won’t see the floor. The franchise needs more from their young talent but may have to count on their minimum signings playing significant minutes.

If Wesley Matthews decides to play a 16th NBA season, he will want to join a contending team. The options will be limited. The Bucks are one of several franchises that should immediately eliminate him from their target list. Milwaukee must avoid veterans whose minutes have been steadily declining.