5 Free agents the Milwaukee Bucks should avoid at all costs

The Bucks must upgrade their roster in free agency and avoid these players.
Milwaukee Bucks, Gordon Hayward
Milwaukee Bucks, Gordon Hayward / Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Gordon Hayward

The Bucks need wing help. Patrick Beverley, Jae Crowder, and Malik Beasley are all free agents. They played 73.6 minutes per game combined last regular season, which is a massive amount of replacement production to find on minimum contracts.

Hayward is coming off a disastrous season with serious injury questions. He was traded to the Thunder in February but was an afterthought in their rotation. The 34-year-old played just 6.6 minutes per game in the playoffs and did not leave the bench in the final three games against the Mavericks in the second-round. Hayward took just three shots in the postseason and looked hesitant to score.

He will certainly be available and may have to sign a minimum contract. Hayward has not played more than 52 games in a season since 2019 and averages just 49.2 per year over the last five.

The Milwaukee Bucks should avoid Gordon Hayward. They need someone reliable who can space the floor, defend multiple positions, and is comfortable in his role. Hayward offered none of those things to the Thunder as they tried to make a playoff push.

Milwaukee wants to win a championship and needs help to accomplish that goal. None of these players are answers for the franchise. They should shoot for upside and versatility. If the Bucks can find their Derrick Jones Jr., the franchise will be back in title contention and a serious threat to dethrone the Celtics. If not, it could be another quick exit and a potential doomsday scenario.