Are the Milwaukee Bucks getting in their own way? Recapping an eventful week

Milwaukee Bucks v Phoenix Suns
Milwaukee Bucks v Phoenix Suns / Kelsey Grant/GettyImages

Doc Rivers thinks the Milwaukee Bucks might have made a mistake in hiring him…

Damian Lillard didn’t put any of his teammates in his “top five” starting lineup of players...

Giannis Antetokounmpo went on the record and says he doesn’t like basketball…

Patrick Beaverly is “beefing” with JJ Redick…

What is going on with the PR team and the Milwaukee Bucks? Is this team starting to get in its own way a little too much? Of course, nothing from this All-Star break will end up mattering much if the Milwaukee Bucks can get hot and win the majority of their remaining 26 games. 

But if they falter, especially against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday and against the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday, fans and the media and maybe even the players themselves will really wonder and question all of these comments that came out over this “rest” week.

Doc Rivers and consulting

We can only imagine the pressures an NBA coach must face. And we can only also imagine how great it would be to coach Giannis Antetenkounmpo and Damian Liallrd, two top-75 all-time NBA greats.

So you can’t blame Doc Rivers for expressing an interest in coaching the Milwaukee Bucks when he either did or did not, help work as a paid consultant to first-year head coach Adrian Griffin. 

Doc Rivers admits he was a bit confused when Milwaukee called him.

Giannis doesn’t watch basketball?

Professional basketball players watch film. They prepare, have assistant coaches help, and scout their opponents. 

So when Giannis somewhat alluded to the idea that he just likes to go out and “wing it,” that is not the best look. 

“I just, in general, do not watch basketball… I love when I go to the game and I have no idea who I’m playing or what they do.”

Most of this was said in jest. But during his press conference, it did not even seem like it needed to be said.

Damian Lillard and his interview with the pre-teen

Adding into all of this Damian Lillard was interviewed by what appeared to be a fan/pre-teen interviewer. In that brief spot, he listed his “top-five” starting lineup Kevin Durant, Steph Curry… no Giannis. 

Thankfully, that small story has seemed to disappear with many of the other strange comments made this week by other Bucks players and head coach Doc Rivers.

Whatever happens to this team and franchise moving forward, we all can agree on one thing; We would rather be discussing Bucks playoff games than these comments.

The Bucks begin the 2023-2024 NBA championship run this Friday on the road against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The (35-21) Milwaukee Bucks take on the (39-16) Minnesota Timberwolves Friday night at the Target Center in Minneapolis. The Bucks are (3-7) under new Head Coach Doc Rivers.

The game will be broadcast on local TV (CBS-58).