3 Milwaukee Bucks who have stepped up and made an impact in Jae Crowder's absence

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No. 2- Bobby Portis

Has there been a more important player coming off the Bucks bench than Bobby Portis the past few seasons?

Night in and night out, Bobby Portis brings energy and toughness to the team with his penchant for scoring and rebounding.

Not only that, but the talk about trading Bobby Portis is ludicrous because it's hard to find a bench player who will match Portis' production. On the season, Portis is shooting nearly 50 percent from the field while averaging about 11.4 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 1.2 assists in 21 games this season. He's stepped up since Crowder went down, providing rebounding, scoring, and toughness.

Portis has had to be one of the main stars off the bench because Adrian Griffin only plays his bench four-deep, which either signals that those are the four best players or maybe it's Griffin's preference to keep his rotations short to give more minutes to his starters.

Bobby Portis has been a star in Milwaukee for a long time, and to see him continuning to thrive under the direction of new coach Adrian Griffin has been a welcome sign for this team, and hopefully he can continue his strong play.