3 Milwaukee Bucks who have stepped up and made an impact in Jae Crowder's absence

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No. 3 Andre Jackson Jr.

Adrian Griffin needs to let AJax cook for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Sure, he doesn't provide the same offensive impact that Jae Crowder does, but when he's out there, I'm left wondering what more he has to do to get more minutes.

So far, Jackson Jr. has flashed on the offensive end by providing hustle plays for the team, and when he's had the opportunity, he has shot the ball well. There was a reason why Milwaukee nabbed him in the second round. He provides something that Milwaukee didn't have last year, and that is a defense first-player who doesn't need the ball in his hands to be effective

Andre Jackson Jr. has filled a P.J. Tucker void that has been missing from this team since his departure after the 2021 season.

Remember how crucial of a role Tucker played in Milwaukee's NBA Finals run? Jackson Jr. has provided those same types of tools for the Milwaukee Bucks. It's early in the season, but as Jackson Jr. continues to develop his game, he should have a regular contributing role off the bench for the Milwaukee Bucks.

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