3 Milwaukee Bucks who could earn a pay raise in NBA free agency down the stretch

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Patrick Beverley

For most of his career, a lot of people said that Patrick Beverley is all bark and no bite, meaning that his impact is overrated. However, three All-Defensive selections speak for themselves, and the Bucks are hoping Beverley can bring a needed spark to the team on that side of things after acquiring him at the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline.

Although he might not be the defender he once was, Beverley undeniably still has fuel left in the tank. The 35-year-old veteran can serve as a pest by hounding opposing players of all shapes and sizes on a nightly basis. This team has lacked legitimate permieter defenders all season long, and the veteran has the potential to help them out mightily in that regard.

Beverley has played alongside a lot of great players on a lot of great teams, but he's never made it all the way. If the guard can help the Bucks go the distance and win a championship while playing a vital role in the rotation, he could undeniably earn himself a nice raise once he hits free agency. It could be a situation similar to P.J. Tucker in 2021 when he received a raise after hoisting the trophy.

For now, Beverley has to be thinking about the present. In his four games with the Bucks to this point, he hasn't been a major difference maker, but following the All-Star break, his minutes and role should increase, and his importance to this team's success will then follow. His defense, attitude and vocal presence could all be key factors for this team as they aim to right the ship coming out of the break.