Milwaukee Bucks player tiers from untouchable to available before NBA trade deadline

Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks: Semifinals - 2023 NBA In-Season Tournament
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Tier 4 - More than likely available: Portis, Connaughton, Beauchamp, Green, Payne, R. Lopez

If the Bucks were to make a trade, some combination of these players would be involved.

Bobby Portis has cemented himself as a fan favorite over the years, but his $11.7 million salary is one of the more tradeable contracts on the roster. Though he's been hot and cold this year, he still has a good amount of value as a player, so he could potentially help the Bucks net something valuable. As much as he can help this team, if they can get a defensive-minded player for him, it would help.

Pat Connaughton checks a lot of the same boxes. He's got a very tradeable contract at $9.4 million this season, which could help the Bucks get a nice piece in return. He once helped the Bucks win it all, but he's been in a mighty slump this season and may have lost a step or two. If Milwaukee can trade him to get an upgrade, it's worth pursuing.

This one might ruffle some feathers, but MarJon Beauchamp could likely be had in the proper deal. Many hoped for a year-two leap from the wing, but he's struggled to get going and is currently not in Milwaukee's rotation. If the Bucks can acquire a clear-cut upgrade - likely a veteran- in a deal that involves the young wing, it might hurt their long-term future, but it could be a win in the present.

Another sophomore who hasn't been in the rotation much is AJ Green. He's proven to be one of the best long-range shooters on the roster, but with the team struggling to so mightily defensively, it's been hard for him to get on the floor over other young players with more defensive upside, such as Jackson or occasionally Beauchamp.

It would make sense if a team wanted Green due to his outside shooting and team-friendly contract. Having picked him up out of the undrafted pool in 2022, the Bucks may have found a hidden gem, but there just is no place for him in the rotation right now. If a team covets him in a high-upside trade, the Bucks should ultimately be willing to include the guard.

Cameron Payne has been a nice backup point guard on a friendly deal, but if his salary is needed to land an upgrade elsewhere, Milwaukee shouldn't shy away from including him. The same goes for Robin Lopez, who hasn't played much this season.

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