3 Milwaukee Bucks players Andre Jackson Jr. should take minutes from

The rookie proved against the Raptors that he needs playing time.
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Malik Beasley

For most of the season, Malik Beasley has been a welcoming addition to the Milwaukee Bucks lineup, serving as a solid fifth starter due to his excellent outside shooting. However, he's fallen victim to an incredibly troubling shooting slump, knocking down just 33.9 percent of his triples following the NBA All-Star break. If he cannot start hitting those, it could spell trouble for his playing time.

As a 3-point specialist, when his shot isn't falling, Beasley's impact lessens mightily. The Bucks have tried to turn him into a primary wing defender, but it hasn't quite gone according to plan. He's not an elite passer and also does not rebound much. Milwaukee needs that perimeter shot, so when it's not falling with any consistency, it makes it hard to give him considerable minutes.

Coach Rivers may have already initiated the process of using Jackson when Beasley is struggling, as the latter sat on the sidelines for a significant portion of the loss to Toronto while Jackson was on the floor - Beasley shot 1-of-7 overall in the game. Beasley still has time to snap out of this slump, and it would be a huge boost for the Milwaukee Bucks' title hopes if he could.

If he cannot, the team may have to explore some lineup changes. Hopefully he can see a few shots go through the net and break out of this horrific shooting slump.

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