3 Milwaukee Bucks role players who could be the key for a great playoff run

Cleveland Cavaliers v Milwaukee Bucks
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Role players are a huge part of any team's chances of winning a championship. Star players, such as Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, are the ones who make a roster great, but the role ones can add necessary tweaks and fill the little holes that make a difference between a champion and a contender. In a powerhouse battle, they can be the sneaky weapon nobody counted on.

We all can remember a role player hitting a clutch three, getting into a two-minute heater or making a game-saving defensive play. They are not asked to show up all the time, but there are instances of big games when you're going to need them to be ready. It could be a stretch with a star on the bench, an open shot when another player is getting doubled or even smaller details that become huge in a close game. A team just cannot win without role players stepping up from time to time.

The Milwaukee Bucks and their role players

This puts the Bucks in a weird spot because even if their Big 3 looks more than solid, everything next to it leaves some doubts. Basically, every player on the roster has had some amazing games and some atrocious ones, to the point where it is actually impossible to know which ones can be counted on in the postseason. You know for sure what they can bring; you just can't trust they will bring it.

However, their potential impact is not the same in every case. There are some role players who feel more essential to the team's success, who feel more needed in some way or another. Now, we'll break down who the three most important Bucks role players for the playoffs are and how they could boost the team's chances of winning a new title if they master their role through some key games.

Just for clarification, Brook Lopez won't be considered a role player for the sake of this text. He's not part of the Big 3, but he's an integral part of the roster that cannot be overstated, the same way you wouldn't call Jrue Holiday a role player for the Boston Celtics or Aaron Gordon a role player for the Denver Nuggets. That being said, we can start next.