Milwaukee Bucks stock watch after NBA All-Star break: 3 Risers, 1 faller

Los Angeles Clippers v Milwaukee Bucks
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Despite two pretty sizeable bumps in the road in the form of losses to the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, the Milwaukee Bucks have looked solid post NBA All-Star break.

Milwaukee is 8-3 since returning to action, and a significant reason for their recent play has been the team finally starting to settle in around Doc Rivers and his coaching style. Several individual Bucks have found their stride under Rivers, particularly following the break, which has given this team a big jolt as they aim to showcase they are one of the league's best teams.

That said, let us now highlight three Bucks whose stock has risen following the break, as well as one whose has dropped.

Riser: Bobby Portis

There was plenty of trade talk surrounding Bobby Portis leading up to the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline, which made it surprising when the team ultimately decided to keep him. Many though that spelled out doom for the Milwaukee Bucks, given how poorly Portis had been playing to that point, but he's done a complete 180 after the NBA All-Star break.

Over his last 11 games since returning, Portis is averaging 15.4 points, the third most on the team in that span behind only Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard, while shooting 52.6 percent from the floor and hauling in 7.7 rebounds per game. He's been playing inspired basketball in this stretch, giving Milwaukee a much-needed spark off of the bench with his energy, rebounding and scoring.

This is the Bobby Portis fans have been waiting to see. While he's still looking for that perimeter shot, shooting 34.4 percent after the break, he's done just about everything else as well as one would like. Of course, the big test will be doing it down the stretch and into the playoffs, but for now, it would be hard not to recognize how well the big man has performed.