4 Milwaukee Bucks' trade targets more realistic than Marcus Smart and Alex Caruso

Chicago Bulls v Milwaukee Bucks
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4 Trade targets more realistic than Alex Caruso: No. 3 - Jevon Carter

Alex Caruso isn’t the only Chicago Bull the Bucks should have their eyes on.

The Milwaukee Bucks are a team that is built on defense and 3-point shooting, and former Milwaukee Buck Jevon Carter would be a seamless fit for the Bucks simply because he is a strong defender who can also shoot the three-point shot, which would provide the Bucks with some much-needed depth at the point guard position.

He doesn't have the size that other names on this list would bring, but there's no denying he would tremendously improve the Bucks' defense. Carter would be able to guard opposing point guards and shooting guards, and he would make the Bucks even tougher to score against. According to PBP Stats, the Chicago Bulls' minutes with Carter sitting on the bench yielded a defensive rating of 118.4. When he plays, that skyrockets to 110.3.

More than carrying the load on the defensive end, there’s no denying Carter would also provide some much-needed spacing for Giannis Antetokounmpo, who has historically needed shooters around him to be effective. Bucks fans know this well: Carter is an above-average three-point shooter with a lightning-quick release and a proven pull-up game, particularly on the fastbreak, and he would be able to stretch the floor for Giannis and make it easier for him to drive to the basket.

Should the Chicago Bulls decide to blow it up, perhaps a second stint in Milwaukee is in order for the hyper-defensive guard.