4 Milwaukee Bucks' trade targets more realistic than Marcus Smart and Alex Caruso

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4 Trade targets more realistic than Alex Caruso: No. 2 - Lonnie Walker IV

Though he isn't a complete turnstile by any means, Brooklyn Nets wing Lonnie Walker IV is generally more known around the league for his athleticism and scoring ability, which isn't the worst thing in the world. The Bucks, who rely heavily on the offensive production of players like Giannis Antetokounmpo, could benefit from having a dynamic scorer who can create his own shot and contribute to the team's already fiery offense.

And while not quite at the level of Caruso and Smart, Walker is a long, stout, and versatile defender who at the very least has the potential to guard multiple positions. Standing at 6-foot-4 and weighing in at 204 pounds, Walker's hustle surprises most offensive players who don't see him as a particularly skilled defensive threat. Thus far, the former San Antonio Spur has held opposing guards to 20-of-60 shooting, good for 33.3 percent efficiency, according to matchup data on NBA.com/stats.

If Lonnie Walker IV continues to develop his 3-point shooting, he could provide additional spacing for the Bucks' offense. Shooting from beyond the arc is a valuable skill in the modern NBA, and it could complement the Bucks' style of play, especially considering their emphasis on floor spacing around Giannis.

The Brooklyn Nets are likely not contending any time soon, and at his age, Walker is more of a win-now bench piece than a rebuilding block to stow away to develop for the future. While they're very much a young team with good talent, it’s clear they’re not gunning for championships in the immediate future, so they may be willing to part ways with him for a more timeline-friendly piece if the price is right. Add to that the fact that he’s expected to miss a few weeks due to a hamstring injury, and it’s clear there is at least a conceivable scenario for the Bucks to swoop in for Walker with what little second-round picks they have.

There’s also some interesting potential there that may yet be unearthed in the right environment. The Bucks may not have as much opportunity for Walker considering their logjam at the wing position, but adding a player like Walker, who is still in the early stages of his career, could provide a boost of youthful energy and potential for future development. The coaching staff could work on refining his skills to better suit the team's needs.

Adding Walker could also make for some interesting rotation options given the depth he affords this Bucks roster. Lonnie Walker IV's versatility could offer the Bucks additional depth and flexibility in their rotation. Depending on matchups and game situations, he could be used in different roles, providing the coaching staff with more options off the bench.