5 Trades to fill Milwaukee Bucks' biggest hole

The Bucks must improve their roster if they want to win the championship.
Milwaukee Bucks, Damian Lillard, Giannis Antetokounmpo
Milwaukee Bucks, Damian Lillard, Giannis Antetokounmpo / Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Bucks convince Jazz to trade Kris Dunn

The Jazz are expected to finish in the lottery again and are off to a 4-7 start. They have issues in the backcourt and will shop multiple veterans before the deadline.

Dunn is averaging just 11.3 minutes per game, which is not positive considering many believe Utah has the worst backcourt in the NBA. The former top-five pick can handle the ball and make plays, but there is plenty to be desired on offense.

His best skill is perimeter defense, which is precisely what the Bucks need especially in their second unit. Dunn is on an expiring contract and figures to be readily available before the deadline.

Bucks-Jazz trade

Can the Bucks unlock Kris Dunn? He averaged 13.2 points, 5.6 assists, 4.5 rebounds, and 1.1 steals in 25.8 minutes per game after joining the Jazz in February of 2023. Utah went 8-14 during that stretch, and the 6’3 guard produced an impressive 0.162 win shares per 48, or well above the 0.100 league average.

Dunn would be another option for coach Griffin and one he does not have at his disposal. If the Bucks are getting crushed by a lead ball-handler, they could insert Dunn and hope to slow him down. It would likely come at a low cost, but may not be the best available option.