6 Mock deals the Milwaukee Bucks should pursue ahead of 2024 NBA Trade Deadline

Milwaukee Bucks v Toronto Raptors
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A mock trade between the Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls

Bucks/Bulls trade

Trades within the division can be somewhat rare, but it's never impossible, of course. Although they have seemingly quieted down, rumors were intense early in the season that the Chicago Bulls could aim to shake things up ahead of the trade deadline. If that is still the case, there are two former Bucks who could be worth bringing back in the right deal.

During his season and a half with the Bucks, Jevon Carter made a name for himself by playing tough defense while hitting a tremendous amount of 3-pointers. He provided infinite amounts of hustle and peskiness defensively, oftentimes picking up opposing ball-handlers the full length of the floor. If he were to come back to Milwaukee, those attributes could certainly be useful.

As for Craig, he'd give the team another experienced wing who is 6-foot-7 and can defend several positions at a respectable level. Unfortunately, he is currently out of the lineup due to an acute sprain of his right plantar fascia and could miss up to eight weeks. It would help if he were ready for a stretch run into the playoffs, as his defense could be very useful.

Financially, the combined salaries of both are reasonable, as Carter is making $6.2 million this season, while Craig is at $2.5 million. Connaughton and Payne's salaries would work in a deal, and Milwaukee could add in a second-rounder to give the Bulls some form of draft capital. It remains to be seen what the Bulls plan to do, but the Bucks should at least keep an eye on the situation.