3 Moments that doomed the Milwaukee Bucks in 2023-24

Dec 19, 2023; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA;
Dec 19, 2023; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; / Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
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Giannis Antetokounmpo's injury doomed the Milwaukee Bucks

To nobody's surprise, Giannis Antetokounmpo's injury makes an appearance here. Antetokounmpo left the game on April 9 with a left soleus strain, which made him miss the rest of the season.

The worst part about Antetokounmpo's injury is thinking that the Bucks would probably still be playing today if the injury had never happened. Even with all of the injuries they were dealing with, Milwaukee gave the Pacers a run for their money in the six-game playoff series. It would be fair to say that the Milwaukee Bucks would have won the series with a healthy Antetokounmpo and easily.

As rough as it was to watch the Bucks in the playoffs without their best player, seeing them compete without him can be a sign of encouragement. I am not campaigning for Milwaukee to run it back next season with the same roster, but the end of this season may not have been as bad as it seemed. Antetokounmpo being available would've changed the series completely.

As we approach this offseason, Bucks fans hope to see improvement. The team is sure to be active in trade discussions and free agency to try to get back to the NBA Finals in 2025. A whole year of Doc Rivers and an entire offseason with Damian Lillard should also help them in that quest.

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