4 2024 NBA Draft prospects who could help the Milwaukee Bucks at center

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Yves Missi, Baylor

Baylor center Yves Missi is projected to be taken in the 20s across almost all mock drafts and is another player who could be of use to the Bucks at the center position. He is a great interior scorer and shot blocker.

The 7-footer averaged 10.7 points with 5.6 rebounds and 1.5 blocks. A 61.4 percent shooter from the field, one of the downsides is his lack of ability to stretch the floor. Again, Brook Lopez has shown that players can develop a shot and add it to their arsenal, so time would tell on this.

Missi is great on the defensive end, and his ability to guard the pick-and-roll is of value, something the Milwaukee Bucks struggled with at times this season without a point of attack defender. Around the basket, his touch and control need work, but there are signs of a player who can grow into a really good NBA center. Being eased into the Bucks' rotation would be of use to both parties.

This pick may be a slight risk due to his fit and inability to stretch the floor, but there is plenty of upside with Missi. If others are off the board, the front office may feel they can build Missi into their ideal center for the Milwaukee Bucks moving forward.