4 2024 NBA Draft prospects who could help the Milwaukee Bucks at center

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Ulrich Chomche, NBA Africa Academy

Now the final player is perhaps more of an unknown and would be more likely to be available in the second-round so if the Bucks take a different position in the first, Ulrich Chomche of the NBA Africa Academy could be a player they see with a real high ceiling.

He is 6-foot-11 and at just 18 there is the opportunity to take a gamble on him and see what he can develop into. The Bucks have experience of this with Giannis and no one saw him turning into the two-time MVP and DPOY. Chomche was part of the G League Showcase in December and displayed impressive rim protection and decent passing and shot-making skills.

Per HoopsHype, Chomche averaged 13 points, nine rebounds, three assists, three blocks, and one steal per game. He shot 42.4 percent from the field, 38.1 percent from three and 75 percent from the foul line. Shooting is still an area of his game that needs work on, but his overall physical attributes are impressive, and they give him a good base to then refine his skills on.

His size and athleticism could see his stock rise, and being just 18 allows time for him to develop. Chomche's stock could also drop just from sheer knowledge and rawness. The Bucks may find him available with their second-round pick, so he could be worth the risk.

It will be interesting to see what positions the Milwaukee Bucks look to address, but with Lopez's age, center is definitely an area the Bucks need to be looking at who can follow on from him and partner with Giannis Antetokounmpo in the frontcourt.

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