5 NBA draft prospects who would fit seamlessly next to Bucks' superstars

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No. 3 - DaRon Holmes II (C-PF, Dayton)

Though he also plays in the frontcourt, there are very real possibilities for DaRon Holmes II to fit next to Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard if the Milwaukee Bucks choose to draft him in the 2024 NBA Draft due to his versatile skill set.

Holmes, a 6-foot-10 big man from Dayton, has shown significant improvement in his shooting range, passing ability and defensive skills. His ability to shoot from behind the arc, coupled with his dominance in the paint, makes him a valuable offensive weapon.

Holmes is more than capable of hitting his man in stride from the elbow, making him a good high-post playmaking option for a team in desperate need of more offensive wrinkles.

Defensively, he excels as a shot blocker and interior defender, which would complement Giannis Antetokounmpo's defensive prowess and be a bit of a replacement for Brook Lopez should the Bucks choose to move on from him.

That's not to say there aren't possible cons here. While Holmes has some offensive skills, he's not a primary scorer or playmaker. The Bucks already have Giannis and Lillard for offense, and they might need someone who can consistently create their own shot or space the floor more effectively.

His turnovers might be a concern as well. The Bucks might be looking for a player who complements their fast-paced, transition-heavy offense, and while Holmes is athletic, he's not necessarily known for his speed on the court.

Overall, Holmes' evolving skill set, particularly his shooting, passing and defensive abilities, would make him a strong asset alongside Giannis and Lillard, enhancing the Bucks' roster with his two-way presence.