5 NBA draft prospects who would fit seamlessly next to Bucks' superstars

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No. 4 - Kyle Filipowski (C, Duke)

Kyle Filipowski has intriguing tools that could make him a solid contributor alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard on the Milwaukee Bucks, but there might be a steeper learning curve compared to some other prospects.

Filipowski is a skilled shooter with a smooth stroke and range extending well beyond the 3-point line. Offensively, he's just a smart player with a good understanding of the game. He can make quick decisions, find open teammates, and operate effectively within a system. This ability to play within the Bucks' offensive structure is important for a young player coming into a championship-caliber team.

While not a pure point guard by any means, Filipowski has good passing instincts and can leverage his size to create scoring opportunities for himself and others. This ability could be valuable in situations where Giannis or Lillard need a breather or when the defense collapses on them, creating open looks for Filipowski or teammates.

Considering his size, Filipowski's defensive capabilities are still developing, and he definitely fits in the mold of a lumbering big man at the moment even if he is more agile than many players his size. He might struggle initially guarding a variety of positions on the perimeter, especially against quicker, more athletic wings. The Bucks need defenders who can switch assignments and hold their own defensively.

Kyle Filipowski's shooting ability and basketball IQ are valuable assets that could complement Giannis and Lillard. However, his athleticism and defensive limitations might require more development before he seamlessly fits into the Bucks' rotation.

While Filipowski can contribute offensively, the Bucks might need to address his defensive limitations by surrounding him with strong perimeter defenders. He might be a better fit as a complementary role player coming off the bench rather than a starter alongside Giannis and Lillard.