5 NBA draft prospects who would fit seamlessly next to Bucks' superstars

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No. 5 - Kyshawn George (PG-SF, Miami)

First and foremost, Kyshawn George's most desirable trait is that he is an elite perimeter defender, which the Bucks have not had for what has felt like years now.

Standing at 6-foot-8, George is known for being a tenacious on-ball defender with good size, length and instincts. He's also capable of producing for his team across the board. In 2023-24, George averaged 7.6 points, three rebounds and 2.2 assists. He shot 42.6 percent from the field, 40.8 percent from distance and 77.8 percent from the free throw line.

This is exactly what the Bucks need to complement Giannis' interior presence and solidify their perimeter defense.

The best part is that George brings this elite perimeter defense while not being someone who bogs down an offense, considering he's the type of player who thrives in transition. He's a fast, explosive athlete who can run the floor alongside Giannis.

Imagine Giannis grabbing a rebound and finding George streaking down the court for an easy alley-oop or open layup. This would add another dimension to the Bucks' fast break and make them even more dangerous in open court.

While not a lights-out shooter by any means, George has shown flashes of good shooting form that a competent shooting coach should easily build on wherever he ends up in the NBA. The Bucks need reliable shooters to surround Giannis and Lillard, and George's potential in this area is encouraging.

With proper development within the Bucks system, he could become a consistent 3-point threat, further opening driving lanes and creating space for the stars.

Despite his offensive limitations, George is a smart player who understands the game and can make winning plays. He's a solid enough passer who can fit seamlessly into the Bucks' offensive system while knocking down enough open looks to stay on the floor and command enough defensive attention to not damage the spacing for Lillard and Antetokounmpo.

The magic of the fit here should come in that Kyshawn George won't necessarily be expected to be a high-volume scorer to be a valuable asset for the Bucks. His primary contributions would most likely come on the defensive end and in transition should he be chosen as the latest addition to the Bucks.

Ultimately, he'll provide the defensive versatility and athleticism the Bucks need alongside their star duo. He's also coachable and has the potential to develop his offensive skillset within the system.

There's also the concern of his draft positioning to worry about in this scenario. The Milwaukee Bucks' pick (projected to pick in the mid-20s) might be a bit of a stretch for George, who could go higher depending on how the draft unfolds.

Surrounding Giannis and Lillard with reliable shooters will open driving lanes and maximize their offensive potential. On the other hand, finding players who can guard multiple positions is crucial in today's NBA.

The Bucks need defenders who can switch assignments and handle the league's athletic wings. But given the team’s lack of consistent depth, plug-and-play contributors who can hustle, rebound, and fill specific roles within the Milwaukee Bucks' system are valuable assets who are very much needed for a contending team.

These prospects could provide valuable depth and complementary skills to the Bucks' roster, but ultimately, the team's draft decisions will depend on their specific needs and the availability of these players. It's also important to remember that these prospects are just that - prospects.

They'll need time to adjust to the NBA game and develop under the tutelage of Doc Rivers. The Bucks' championship window might not open in 2025, but by drafting with an eye toward the future and surrounding Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard with the right talent, they can ensure they remain contenders for years to come.

Ultimately, the best pick for the Milwaukee Bucks will depend on the players available and their specific needs on draft night. But by focusing on players who complement their core stars and address their remaining weaknesses, the Bucks can take a significant step towards building a true dynasty in Milwaukee.