NBA insider confirms what Bucks fans already knew about Malik Beasley

Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks - Game One
Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks - Game One / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Of all the Milwaukee Bucks' soon-to-be free agents, Malik Beasley feels like he is the least likely to return for another trip around the sun.

From the second he signed the dotted line on a one-year deal last off-season, it felt inevitable that his time in Milwaukee would not extend past that contract. The veteran two-guard signed a team-friendly "prove-it deal" to showcase his talents on a contender with the thought of cashing out in the 2024 off-season on his mind. Bucks fans knew this, but it's now being put into the rumor mill.

Per Bleacher Report NBA insider Chris Haynes, Beasley is not expected to return to the Bucks, as the new contract he will inevitably receive in free agency will be out of their range. Plenty of teams would love to get their hands on a guard who just shot a career-best 41.3 percent from downtown, and some will be willing to pay up to get him, exceeding far beyond what Milwaukee can offer.

The Milwaukee Bucks may have their Malik Beasley replacement already

While the Bucks could find their Malik Beasley fill-in during NBA Free Agency, the real answer may already be on the roster.

Outside of Ryan Rollins, who shot a perfect 1-of-1, Beasley and A.J. Green were the top two 3-point shooters on this roster percentage-wise this past season. Beasley was at 41.3, while Green was right on his heels at 40.3 percent. Of course, Beasley had a much greater number of attempts, but still, the efficiency from Green was captivating.

In brief spurts, the two-guard showed glimpses of being a lethal perimeter shooter and even a solid defender. With Beasley out of the picture, Green could offer Milwaukee a much cheaper alternative at the two-guard slot, though Green is likely not ready to be a starter. In a reserve role, Green could get into the game and provide excellent spacing for Milwaukee's stars.

Even outside of Green, the Bucks have a number of compelling wings such as MarJon Beauchamp, Chris Livingston and Andre Jackson Jr. who could look to take on more minutes in Beasley's place. Their 3-point shooting is not up to par, but they do possess the youth and athleticism the Bucks lacked mightily this past season.

Beasley played solid basketball with the Bucks, but his absence - when it becomes official - will not send the team into a frenzy. They likely have been planning for this.

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