NBA Rumor Roundup: Latest on Milwaukee Bucks' trade targets, coaching suitors, more

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Could the Bucks bring back an old friend via the buyout market?

After being dealt to the LA Clippers in the James Harden trade earlier this season, P.J. Tucker has fallen out of their rotation entirely. There's an excellent chance he gets moved before the deadline. Yet, with an $11.5 million salary, a contender likely will not take him on. It's more likely that he gets dealt to a rebuilding team who can afford the salary, which may lead to a buyout.

This was the exact scenario floated recently by Yahoo Sports' NBA insider Jake Fischer, who said the Washington Wizards could be a legitimate suitor for Tucker. Washington would almost certainly be willing to offer him a buyout to become a free agent. In that case, Fischer has said that Milwaukee and Phoenix would be legitimate landing sports for the veteran forward.

Tucker would indeed be a good fit for the Bucks on some level. Though he may not be the player he once was, he can still provide leadership, toughness, and perhaps some defense when called upon. On a buyout, bringing him aboard would be incredibly low-risk.

First, to get Tucker, the Bucks would have to clear a roster spot. This is more than likely to happen in a trade of their own, whether it's for Murray or someone else. Given how much money they have tied up, Milwaukee is unlikely to cut a player to make room for Tucker.

When it comes to buyout, fans should know that under new rules, the Bucks cannot bring in a player who made more than the mid-level exception due to them being over the tax line, per Kurt Helin of NBC Sports. The example he gave was Kyle Lowry, who was just traded to the Charlotte Hornets and is not likely to stick around. Bucks fans can cross him off the wish list.