NBA Rumor Roundup: Latest on Milwaukee Bucks' trade targets, coaching suitors, more

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What are the Milwaukee Bucks offering in trades?

The Milwaukee Bucks do not have the richest amount of assets, but the front office is working with what they have right now to make a move regardless.

According to a new report from Fischer, the Bucks are gauging the value of their 2024 second-round pick from Portland. Fischer says that there are front offices who think that pick can be more valuable than a late first due to it not being bound to a rookie-scale and that it carries lower tax implications, per Fischer. That could be a huge asset for Milwaukee.

Elsewhere, Milwaukee is reportedly seeing what a package of Cameron Payne and Pat Connaughton could get them. Fischer mentions Matisse Thybulle and P.J. Tucker as reasonable targets. The former would be an excellent addition for the Bucks. A deal of Payne, Connaughton, and that Portland pick, which would ironically head back to Portland, would be a great move.

Fischer mentioned that Alex Caruso would be a dream addition for Milwaukee, but with Chicago in the market for multiple first-round picks for him, it's unlikely to happen.

It's eye-catching that Fischer did not mention anything about the Bucks potentially shopping Portis. Obviously, if they are going after someone with a hefty salary like Murray, they'd have to include the big man to keep the Big 4 together, but they could keep him in most other scenarios. He should be on the block if the Milwaukee Bucks can get an upgrade.

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