NBA trade Deadline targets for the Milwaukee Bucks and what they might cost

Portland Trail Blazers v Milwaukee Bucks
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Bruce Brown, Toronto Raptors

After being dealt to the Toronto Raptors in the blockbuster Pascal Siakam trade, Bruce Brown's future with the team remains uncertain. Plenty of teams will be looking to pry Brown away from Toronto, and the Bucks should be among them.

Bucks/Raptors Brown

The Bucks could use a Swiss Army Knife on the roster right now, and as Brown showed as a member of the championship-winning Denver Nuggets last season, he can be that player. Brown is a capable scorer, defender, passer, rebounder, and hustle player all in one. Milwaukee simply does not have a role player like that right now.

Above all else, Brown could shore up the team's defensive personnel, but he could also help them in several other areas mentioned. He could be a great chess piece to utilize when the Bucks go to their small-ball lineups with Giannis Antetokounmpo at the center position, giving the team even more versatility on both sides of the basketball in those situations.

Acquiring Brown would involve moving a lot of money. He's making $22 million this season, which is pretty hefty. The Bucks would have to include both Bobby Portis and Pat Connaughton to make the money work. Some can argue if Brown is worth that and a second-rounder, but with how poor the bench has been this season, it's undoubtedly worth considering.

As reported in a previously mentioned piece by Fischer, the reported asking price for Brown is one first-round pick. The Bucks do not have that, but perhaps they could offer up their second, which is currently projected to be a high second-round pick, and two role players. Toronto could then aim to flip Bobby Portis for more assets, like the Blazers did in the Jrue Holiday trade with the Bucks.

That's just a suggestion, as the Raptors, who are known to play hardball, could simply demand a first or hang up the phone, but it's still worth kicking the tires on.