NBA trade Deadline targets for the Milwaukee Bucks and what they might cost

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Dejounte Murray, Atlanta Hawks

Dejounte Murray is arguably the hottest name left on the trade market, which made it surprising that the Bucks were linked to him by Bleacher Report and TNT NBA insider Chris Haynes. If the Bucks are indeed in the hunt for Murray, it would be an all-in move to create a formidable starting five.

Bucks/Thunder/Hawks Murray

There are two sides to the coin with Murray. On the positive side, he would be an All-Defensive guard who could slide into the starting shooting guard spot and take on tough assignments nightly. On top of that, he's a capable 20-point per game scorer, and while those numbers would dip in Milwaukee, he could still put points on the board.

On the flipside, there are questions about how Murray would fit alongside other players who need the ball like Damian Lillard, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Khris Middleton. Would he be able to buy in as a third or fourth option? It's a very reasonable question for a player who likes to have the basketball in his hands a lot.

The fit is not seamless, but the Bucks have an opportunity to craft a starting lineup that is filled with stars from top to bottom that features plenty of offensive and defensive potential.

Financially, Murray is on an affordable $17.7 million deal, which makes him an even more attractive trade target. However, they have a hefty asking price for the guard, which is currently rumored to be two first-round picks, per Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer. Obviously, the Bucks do not have that type of draft capital, so they would need help.

The OKC Thunder, who have a treasure chest of draft picks, could perhaps be of assistance. If they make a move before the deadline, it will be to add size, in all likelihood. It wouldn't be surprising if they had interest in an established big man like Bobby Portis. Perhaps they would feel comfortable parting with one of their many firsts for Portis and Connaughton, who would be more of a throw-in.

Atlanta would acquire Davis Bertans, who would be needed for salary purposes, a first-round pick in this upcoming draft from OKC via the LA Clippers, and Milwaukee's two second-round picks. That still may not be enough to satisfy the Hawks, but it's about as much as the Bucks could possibly round up while keeping their core intact.

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