3 In-house options the Milwaukee Bucks could explore to fill their final roster spot

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Wenyen Gabriel

Sticking with the theme of big men, Wenyen Gabriel could be an interesting option for the Bucks to take a look at. Back with the Wisconsin Herd for a second stint, Gabriel has been a key cog for them during the season. The forward has played four NBA seasons and saw the most prominent role of his career with the Los Angeles Lakers between his stints with the Herd.

In 19 appearances with the Herd this season, Gabriel has averaged 15.9 points (the most among any Herd player who has played over 15 games), a team-high 9.6 rebounds, three assists, and 1.6 blocks while shooting 52.2 percent from the floor and 43.4 percent from three. There is undoubtedly some potential on both sides of the basketball waiting to be unearthed there.

Like Chriss, Gabriel is undersized at 6-foot-9, 205 lbs. Yet, he has the height and length to be a quality option to boost Milwaukee's frontcourt depth. When he's on the floor, Gabriel could give Milwaukee a two-way boost, providing quality floor spacing while also serving as a rim-protector down low. He'd add a touch of youth to Milwaukee's roster as well, as he's just 26 years old.

Some Bucks fans have been eyeing Gabriel for a long time, and perhaps this could be the year they finally bring him in to shore up their frontcourt depth. It would be a nice story to see the Bucks add a piece they've been developing and who has been a key piece for the Herd over the past few years, similar to when they signed Rayjon Tucker to a deal several seasons back.